What To Do With Your Lawn After a St. Charles  Winter

In areas with moderate climates that experience harsh winters, such as St. Charles, lawns often go dormant. If you have been consistently taking care of your lawn, there isn't much left to do during this period. However, it's essential to minimize foot traffic on your dormant lawn to ensure it remains healthy. Although a moderate amount of ... More

When to Fertilize Your Lawn in St. Charles 

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is crucial for improving its resistance to pests, drought, and disease. However, it's essential to prepare your lawn properly before applying fertilizer. This involves removing any dead grass and debris from the winter season, including sticks, leaves, and weeds that could hinder early grass growth. By ... More

When is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn in Oak Brook 

Looking to aerate your Oak Brook lawn for better health and growth? The ideal times for lawn aeration are during the spring and fall seasons. Once the soil has thawed from the winter cold, it's recommended to schedule a lawn aeration service with Carefree Systems in the spring. By aerating your lawn in the spring, you can ensure that the ... More

The Best Time to Start Planning Your Oak Brook IL Garden

Are you wondering when to plant your garden or vegetable seeds in Illinois? Generally, it's best to plant seeds approximately six weeks ahead of the latest frost date. For areas such as Bloomingdale and Carpentersville, the latest frost date typically falls between May 21 and May 31. By planning your planting schedule accordingly, you can ... More

How to Prevent Common Lawn Weeds in Naperville IL

Preventing weed growth in your Naperville, IL lawn is crucial for maintaining a healthy and lush yard. To achieve this, it's essential to regularly fertilize and apply a product that kills weeds during their active growing season, typically in late spring and early summer. By using a fertilizer that also targets weed growth, you can ... More

The Best Fertilizing Schedule For Your Naperville Garden?

Springtime brings new life and a sense of renewal, as the sun shines brighter and the air warms up. This season also marks the return of various plants, including your grass, which awakens from its winter dormancy and readies itself for the long, sunny days ahead. To ensure a thriving season for your lawn, it's essential to provide it with ... More

 Landscaping Design Ideas in Downers Grove

If you're a homeowner looking to spruce up your yard or create a stunning outdoor space, then you've come to the right place. Our team of experts has compiled a list of creative and practical landscaping design ideas that are sure to inspire you. Whether you're looking for ways to add curb appeal to your home, create an outdoor entertainment ... More

 Does Downers Grove Have a Downtown?

Downtown Downers Grove is renowned for being one of the most exceptional in the Chicago area. It is replete with diverse shops and restaurants, and the iconic Tivoli Theatre is located here. The downtown area hosts various events such as the yearly art fair and Grove Fest. Additionally, many individuals reside in and around the downtown area, ... More

Is Downers Grove a Good Neighborhood?

With a population of 50,209, Downers Grove is a Chicago suburb situated in DuPage County. It is widely regarded as one of the finest places to live in Illinois. Downers Grove offers a unique urban-suburban blend, and a significant proportion of the residents own their houses. The town boasts numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, ... More

What is Downers Grove Famous For?

Due to its close proximity to Chicago and a large rail siding, the village of Downers Grove became a significant hub for mail-order housing sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co. between 1908 and 1940. Downers Grove boasts one of the world's largest collections of existing Sears houses, with up to two hundred possible houses identified. In 1928, ... More

Is Glen Ellyn a Nice Place to Live?

Located in DuPage County, Glen Ellyn is a Chicago suburb with a population of 28,506. It is widely regarded as one of the best places to reside in Illinois, offering residents an urban-suburban blend. Most individuals in Glen Ellyn are homeowners, and the neighborhood boasts an array of eateries, coffee shops, and parks. The population ... More

What Suburb is Glen Ellyn By?

Glen Ellyn is a village located in DuPage County, northeastern Illinois, and is situated about 23 miles west of downtown Chicago. The town underwent seven name changes throughout its developmental phases, beginning with Babcock's Grove in 1833, named after the first settlers, Ralph and Morgan Babcock. The name changed to DuPage Center in ... More

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Beautiful Garden Path in Glen Ellyn 

A garden path is an important feature of any Glen Ellyn home, providing an attractive entrance that leads right up to your front door. While some may argue that a patio or porch is sufficient, they fail to see the convenience and necessity of creating an easy way for guests and family members to enter your property without needing assistance. ... More

The Benefits of Hiring a Garden and Landscaping Service in Glen Ellyn

Keeping your front and backyard well-maintained is crucial as a homeowner or business owner. A neat outdoor space can attract customers to your business and create a welcoming atmosphere. However, should you handle landscaping and gardening yourself or hire a professional landscaping company in Glen Ellyn, IL? In comparing the benefits of ... More

Geneva Pergola Landscaping

Why Hire a Landscaper in Geneva?

When it comes to creating a beautiful landscape, it's essential to have experts on your side. Professional landscapers can help you achieve the design and ideas you want while ensuring the quality of the work is top-notch. They understand the importance of a stunning landscape and how much it means to homeowners. One of the biggest ... More

"We have been customers of Grant and Power for years and enjoy the relationship we've built together.  Grant and Power doesn't only provide an exceptional service for us, they are reliable and dedicated to our practice's image and the safety of our patients.  The landscaping and snow removal is not one of my concerns because I know I can always count on Grant and Power.   We are thankful to be their customer."
Erica – Premier Dermatology     
"I would gladly refer your company to my friends and neighbors. I just wish I had taken pictures of the backyard before the transformation. My backyard is now beautiful and I can't wait to entertain."
Carol – Naperville     
"I wanted to thank you for your great service, and our beautiful brick patio. We receive compliments from people who walk by our home on their way to the park. Some have brought their friends and relatives by to see it. It has transformed the way our home looks, and provides a warm and elegant entrance for anyone who comes to visit us."
Kathy & Frank – Hoffman Estates     
"Please send our thanks and appreciation to Scott Hutchings. He worked with us on our landscape project from design to completion. He took the time to revisit us three different times to answer questions and help us make changes to achieve our goal. We could not be more pleased with the final outcome and I am happy to say that many people have come by to ask who we worked with and tell us how beautiful our landscape looks."
Ron and Mary – St. Charles     
"Ben, Thank you for all your hard work and planning for the installation of our patio and front walk. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and dedication to seeing the project through with great results. It turned out so well, and I could not be happier with the end result."
Joseph – Lake Zurich     
"I was motivated to write because the quality of the product and service exceeded my expectations. To Jenny Ubben who provided a superb design and Ben Ubben whose customer service and follow through were much appreciated and to the crew who completed the landscape, I want to extend a sincere thanks."
Brad – Fox River Grove     
"The design of our patio was unique and outstanding. He took the time necessary to determine what would be best for our needs and he always made us feel like the job at our house was his top priority."
Wayne – Elmhurst     
"Audrey, You are a pleasure to work with and the landscape team did a beautiful job. Thank you!"
Cathy and Bob – Downers Grove     
"What a joy to look out from the windows and admire your work along with coming home at night to a beautiful entrance. Grant & Power Landscaping has exceeded our expectations!"
Joe and Jan – Wayne     
"The entire experience has been enjoyable. We want to thank Jan, Elias Hernandez, Pedro Miranda, Alberto Hernandez and Miguel Monnarez. Each one had a part in making our dream come true. The entire installation process was done with care."
Fernando and Sandra – Wayne     
"All of our neighbors comment on the wonderful improvement we made. It actually surpassed even our own expectations. Hats off to Jan, Angel and all others who contributed to this success. What Teamwork!"
Helen and Harold – North Riverside     
I would like to thank you for the exceptional work that you did on our front landscape. You transformed our ideas, perfected them and gave us a unique, beautiful piece of art. We knew, the day that we met you, you were the one."
Dan and Sandra – Naperville     
"Working with Grant & Power has been a pleasure from start to finish. Thank you for the great work! From our first to last contact, we have been impressed with the professionalism of the firm."
John and Wendy – Rolling Meadows     
"For people who want a beautiful landscape...but who also want a responsive partner and great ideas...you won't do any better than Grant & Power."
Michelle and Don – Lisle     
"I would say that my experience with Grant & Power Landscaping was defined by integrity, initiative, and follow-through, key traits that I value highly. I have been happy to praise G&P to others, and will continue to do so. I am now, finally, looking forward to a beautiful spring and summer in my restored back yard."
Maura – Hinsdale     
Principal Photographer: Linda Oyama Bryan With Additional Photography by Gina Olsen